Delay in paddling out

It has been an unfortunate few weeks.  The U.K. Has been battered by several storms and inclement weather making paddle boarding nigh on impossible.  The good days we have had I have been working and regrettably I have been unable to get out on the water.  I am quite sad about this as I could do with a good SUP.  Get out on my mind, in the middle of nowhere with no interruptions and no technology.  Go and get some quality exercise whilst soaking up the brisk chill of a winter water adventure.  Sounds idyllic but not always practical in the British weather.  Having said that I see a lot of posts on social media of people paddling around icebergs or trapping through snow to get some water time.  The problem I have here is that the water becomes treacherous with the increased volume and quite frankly I have no desire to get myself into potential dangerous situations.  I have already risked that this year and I got a bit frightened.  

So, what have I been doing instead?  Well, I have been putting in some serious pool time and getting fit in the gym.  I am going to be swimming for charity in July to raise money for the British Heart Foundation swimming between Bournemouth and Boscombe pier, a 1.4 mile open sea swim that is annual done (weather and sea state permitting) for a fantastic cause.  I have not swam seriously since I was in the Hampshire swim team when I was 16 and even then I was a backstroke specialist so this poses a unique and interesting challenge.  One for which I cannot wait to attempt.  I have been on a major diet and loosing lots of weight, getting into shape, changing my lifestyle and generally overhauling my life.  What changes have I made?  Well, firstly I have stopped drinking carbonated drinks, no Coke, no lemonade, no fizzy water, since Jan 04th I have not had a single fizzy drink and this has made an interesting change.  I feel better just for drinking water and green tea.  Coffee and high caffeine drinks have been dramatically reduced and as a result I feel calmer and happier.  I was once told that coffee can act as a depressive.  Surprisingly this is true.  Limited caffeine and also reduced meat and fat intake has given me a spring in my step.  

It’s remarkable to look back and analyse what I was eating, the portion sizes, meat intake and realise that I was headed to bad times if I continued.  A healthy diet fruit, vegetables, fish and low carbs are having a remarkably positive effect…Who knew?

Now what I need is some good weather!  Get on the board and paddle, paddle, paddle!  I really can’t wait for spring in order to get some calm seas and calm rivers with a light wind and a warm sun.  In preparation I am looking into some new kit.  I am really happy with the inflatable board I have, it was a bargain buy and is serving me well, but I am still using the paddle that came with it which is a no frills alloy paddle, heavy, very little flex and freezing on cold days, so I am looking into a new one which I am leaning to an intermediate paddle with a glass carbon shaft.  It is the outlay that is getting to me as I struggle to find the funds.  I am looking at a Red Paddle Co glass paddle and hopefully will get one soon.  The other thing I am after is a pair of floating sunglasses but they seem to be quite rare to get a suitable one.  Obviously they are abundant online but I would rather know they are suitable before I purchase, after all don’t want to look like Elton John or Dame Edna!  But all these things are relatively minor, and all I ally need is some bright weather and a favourable tide. 

The plan is to hopefully get out on Tuesday but we will see.  Anyway folks, happy paddling and stay safe in the winter weather.