It has been a while.

What can I say I have been rubbish getting on to the water of late.  I haven’t been on the board since September and I am feeling really upset by that.  Life has very much got in the way of late.  One thing after another has stopped me from getting out and getting a good dose of Vitamin Sea!!   This will change very soon, and I will hit the water and hit it hard, I want to get out on my stick and really make the most of the resources available to me where I live.  I live a stones through from one of the most sensational coastlines the UK has to offer and really really miss paddling out.  However, although I have not been out k the board does not mean I have not been exercising.  I am still swimming 3-4 times a week, swimming distances between 3 and 4 KM and also going to the gym.  I am keeping in reasonable shape but seem to have lost all drive and motivation for dieting.  Weight is maintaining and so is my size, so that’s not too bad, but I am constantly thinking How much I would have improved if the past few months had been different.  So what has kept me from the water?  Firstly, I stupidly badly sprained my ankle by falling of a kerb.  That was 6 weeks out of action.  Then Christmas and winter weather, constant work shifts on good days and a massive amount of overtime all stopped me from getting on the water.  Most recently I have, for the past 3 weeks, had a chest infection and been feeling very poorly.  

Hopefully that is all behind me now and I can get on with the matter in hand and get out on the water and more importantly get racing, which is why I bought the board I did.    Having said that I also have put my name forward yo join the Naismith N1SCO racing team.  This is a small group of paddlers that will be selected to make up a race team.  There are mandatory races and 3 other races of the paddlers choice to participate in over the summer.  I am hoping I am selected as this will give me some impetus to train harder and to get on the water with regularity, not that I need motivation as I really miss being on the water!!! 

This year is going be a big year for me and the water.  I am engaging with the Marine Conservation Society and acting as a Sea Champion, helping them with fundraising and organising beach cleans etc.  Lots f dead pinging around the old noodle with how best to promote the coastline and the importance of caring for our Sea environment.  So much to plan, to organise.  I am also swimming Bournemouth Pier to Pier again to raise funds for the British Heart Foundaton, more on that later.  But for now my mission is to get back on the water!!!! How to see you out there too.