About me!

So, who am I and what am I all about. Why am I writing this blog. Well, I am a 30-something family man who, after 20 years of knee knackering, shoulder shagging, back buggering Rugby.  I used to train 3-4 times a week and play every Saturday.  To say that it bought a calm and peace to my life was an understatement.

This might sound a little strange, that such a violent and physical sport can bring a serenity to someone’s life, especially as I had a frequent visitors card to A & E.  The output of aggression, the sense, win,lose or draw, that you and 14 compatriots did all they can do to achieve the same goal was rewarding.

3 years ago I destroyed my knee in what was a final and career ending injury. I was proud of my rugby career with many good friends made, battles won and lost. But ultimately at 34 the body would not survive the rigours of Rugby.

Since the injury I have done very very little in the way of exercise. In fact I have done nothing. As a result I have become soft of belly and weak in the arm. Since the injury I have become a father to twin boys and I realise as they get older I need to be fitter, if just to stay healthy and not develop any serious health issues. 

What’s the answer?  My knee won’t allow pounding the roads or hitting the gym.  I took my family to the beach at Southbourne, near Bournemouth.  On the beach there was another family, shocking I now, but what they had was a Red Paddle Co 10′ 6″ Inflattable Paddle board and they took it I turned to paddle up and down the shoreline.  Wow, what was this, I thought.  I fancied having a go at this.  Growing up I windsurfed, sailed dinghies and kayaked.  I grew up 2 miles away from the Solent in a village called Fawley.  Incidentally, Fawley Rugby club was where I started playing.  Summers were full of water borne sport.  I love the sea and have never been far away from a beach.  In fact where I live now is the furthest from the coast I have ever lived, and that is only 10 miles.  

Whilst on holiday in Scotland I booked an hour with an instructor on Loch Lomond and had a taster of Stand up Paddleboarding (SUP), and immediately I was hooked.  

As soon as I could sell enough on eBay to fund the purchase of a board I was straight down to a company in Sandbanks, Poole, Dorset who make and import their own brand of board.  I purchased an Inflattable board and that is the beginning of this adventure.

So why am I blogging about this.  Well it’s simple, larger people can enjoy sports such as Paddleboarding.  I may look like a neoprene encased manatee out there, but, I am giving it a go and loving every minute of it.  I am hoping that maybe other of a larger nature will be inspired to come and join me. YouTube is full of videos of the surfing snobbery who mock and post videos of larger people trying out the sport.  They think it’s hilarious, you know what it’s not!  They should be applauded not ridiculed because they are trying to get out and exercise and take part in something that will improve their lifestyles. 

I am a big man on a SUP and this is my story!


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